Daily update of the database,
helps you to find new successful
products first
A large number of filters will help
find the right product that has good
demand and low competition
Make decisions based on real data,
instead of intuition

AmzScope Scanner Demonstration

A web application for Amazon sellers with the Amazon product database, which will make it easier to find
profitable products using filters. And you will also be able to track the actions of your competitors

Product Search - Amazon.com catalog, in which there are more than 2 million products, which is designed specifically to search for profitable goods by applying filters.
Product Tracker - A tool that is created to track direct sales of your competitors. So, you can see the actual sales data of your competitors, rather than an approximate forecast.

Where do we get the data for AmzScope Scanner?

You probably know that Amazon has a lot of abandoned and forgotten listings that have not been supported for a long time and there is no product on these listings for a long time. Even more listings that have very few sales (1-5 per month) or do not sell at all. There are tens of millions of such listings. They are useless for those who are looking for products to launch, simply clogging the database and search results. Our algorithms help to avoid adding such goods to the database. And that's how we do it to provide you with a clean database of goods without waste:
On Amazon there is a "Best Sellers" section, which includes only those products that sell best in a particular category or sub-category or sub-sub-category ... Such categories are marked "sub-" thousands. And in each of them their top 100 Best Seller products are present. Based on this, best sellers on Amazon can be hundreds of thousands, and may be millions of goods. We collect all these products that have the status of best seller in at least one category or sub-category of any level.
But we scan Amazon not only for best sellers, but also the most usual categories and sub-categories, choosing from there the best ones that have sales, ranging from 1-2 units per day. Those goods that do not have sales - do not fall into the database. Once they start selling and become potentially interesting for sellers - they are added to our database.
Both scans are done every day. Thus, we maintain an up-to-date database and get rid of listings that are of no interest to anyone.

What makes our application better than others?

A daily database update that stores information only about current products that have a demand on Amazon, excluding abandoned listings, makes our application as efficient and useful as possible
Ability to filter products by date of addition to the database. This makes it easier to find and track products that were added more recently
Timely customer support
We often get positive feedback about the work of our support team. We are ready to answer any questions that arise from you and help you in any situation

Effective application at a reasonable price, which will help
to find non-obvious and profitable products to sell on Amazon!

AmzScope Scanner

  • Access to the Product Database
  • Access to the Product Tracker
  • Search and filters for all key metrics
  • Ability to track your competitors
  • Infinite ideas for new products
  • Find niches with high demand
  • Find niches with low competition
  • No installations - AmzScope Scanner is made as a website
  • Timely technical support
By using the app, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms of use

AmzScope Scanner works better
using it in combination with AmzScope Chrome!

AmzScope Scanner as a stand-alone application

  • The AmzScope Scanner application, which has its own, regularly updated database, will help you find the product you need using filters when searching.
  • Find unobvious product ideas among millions of others.
  • Ability to track your competitors: their sales, stock replenishment, price changes, ratings and much more in the tracker, without wasting time filling out large data tables manually.
  • Convenient graphics with data will help you to understand the market trends at different times of the year and during the holiday season.

AmzScope Scanner in combination with AmzScope Chrome

  • AmzScope Scanner is a web application designed to search for non-obvious products, as well as for tracking the actions of your competitors.
  • Use the filters you are interested in in the AmzScope Scanner database.
  • Go to the Amazon website and explore the products niches found with AmzScope Chrome.
  • Add Potential competitors in the Tracker to understand this niche in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, applications are purchased separately, but can be used separately or in combination
You can unsubscribe at any time in the personal area of the application: My account > Profile > Service Subscription > Cancel Subscription, or by contacting the customer support service by writing to info@amzscope.com
AmzScope Scanner is distributed by subscription. Initial access is granted for a period of 1 to 12 months, depending on which tariff you choose. After the end of the paid period, the subscription is automatically renewed. Payment will be charged monthly in the amount of $39
Both applications use general data to forecast sales, but they solve different problems.
AmzScope Scanner - catalog of Amazon products, made in a convenient format for analysis. Used as the basis for the generation of new commodity ideas. And a tracker that tracks goods by the number of sales, changes in prices, replenishment of a warehouse, etc., in order to understand competitors and the niche in more detail.
AmzScope Chrome - Chrome browser app. Used to quickly analyze the entire product niche from the Amazon page
The best results can be achieved using both applications
Yes, it is possible to get the access with buttons above
Acceptance of consideration of applications for the return of funds ceases after 30 days from the date of purchase. If you have design ideas for the product and you want to inform us about this, please write to our support team at info@amzscope.com. We are open to any suggestions for improving the performance of our applications