Receive data on the number of sales,
revenue, potential profit of goods and
other useful information directly from
the browser in one click
The built-in profitability calculator will help
you calculate all the costs of launching
the product and display your potential profit
Add favorite products to your favorites
to return to a more detailed analysis
at any time

How does AmzScope Chrome help distinguish
a successful product from a failed one?

Data on product profits and the number of reviews is not sufficient for an accurate analysis of the level of competition in the market niche. To make competition in the niche more transparent, it is necessary to evaluate the profit in relation to the reviews. So we came up with the RPR metric (Revenue Per Review).
If there is a large number of niche products with a high RPR rating (marked as green), this means that there is a high demand and low competition in the niche. Perhaps you have found a good product and it is worth going into a niche in more detail.
If in the niche products with a low RPR rating (marked as red), this means that this niche is quite competitive and the launch of goods in this niche will be difficult

AmzScope Chrome Demonstration

AmzScope Chrome extension will help you find profitable products for sale on Amazon
and will show the number of sales of competitors. With this data, you can mak
a good decision and run a really successful product

Where does the sales data come from in AmzScope Chrome?

Amazon does not share sales data. This is a commercial secret of Amazon. But there are two methods that help predict the number of sales: BSR and "method 999"

What is BSR? Amazon assigns each product a BSR metric in the category in which the product is sold. The lower the BSR, the better the product sells. Every time the product makes a sale, the BSR decreases. The best selling product in the category has BSR = 1. We track the changes in BSR on goods and make a prediction based on these changes.

The core of "Method 999". In Amazon, one trick works: if you try to add 999 units of a certain product to the basket, and if there are less than 999 units in the warehouse, Amazon issues the remainder of the stock in the warehouse (for example 743). If you do this operation the next day, we will get another number (for example 731). In this way you can find out how many units were sold in one day (in our example it is 12 units).

Where do sales forecasts come from?

Step 1: We collect the BSR data and the number of sales per day as coordinate points (at the moment we collect more than 1.5 million points per month)

Step 2: Then we apply the obtained points to the graph and perform the regression analysis of the data, we apply the trend line based on which we can make predictions

Step 3: On the trend line, we report the sales data for the current day, based on the current BSR

It turns out that for every BSR that interests us, we can get the predicted number of sales per day. These are averaged data, but they are very revealing. All this can be done manually, but this is a very, very large amount of work. As you can see, in order to get this data and display it, conveniently right in Amazon search, we had to do a lot of work.

What makes the AmzScope Chrome application the best choice on the market
and why shouldn’t you rely on free apps?

In the past, we ourselves used various programs for Amazon market analysis. However, they did not give reliable information. The data in the application did not match the data we had from the sales of our own products. In addition, we noticed that the data is not updated, for example, skis sold equally well in summer and winter

In our case, there was a situation when a person calculated that the goods would be sold at 30 units per day, according to one of the free applications, and bought 2,000 units of the goods. Later it turned out that the goods are sold at 2-3 units per day. As a result, capital was invested in illiquid goods because he trusted an application that offers free access

In our team there is a programmer-analyst. We rent a server to collect data from Amazon. We pay the programmer and for renting the server, so it's impossible to make the application with the relevant data for free. Do not expect high quality data, technical support and updates from free applications

An effective application at a reasonable price,
which will help protect your funds from incorrect investments!

AmzScope Chrome

  • Estimation of the number of sales and revenue per month
  • Own algorithm for data collection
  • Most accurate data
  • Built-in profitability calculator
  • Analysis of goods revenue per review - RPR
  • Ability to add favorite products to your favorites
  • Competitors' listings quality scores evaluation - LQS
  • All future updates
  • Timely technical support
By using the app, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms of use

AmzScope Chrome works better
using it in combination with AmzScope Scanner!

AmzScope Chrome as a stand-alone application

  • Imagine that you see the product and want to get data about its sales and competition in a niche right inside the browser - it's possible with the help of AmzScope Chrome.
  • An application that collects the necessary data, such as: number of sales, number of reviews, Amazon commissions and many others in one summary table.
  • The ability to add to the "Favorites" will help you not lose the goods that you are interested in and return to them when you want.
  • The application can be adapted for any user. Sort the data as you see fit or disable data columns that you do not need.

AmzScope Chrome in combination with AmzScope Scanner

  • AmzScope Scanner is a web application designed to search for non-obvious products, as well as for tracking the actions of your competitors.
  • Filter products by category, demand, the number of sales per month, monthly revenue, as well as ratings, dimensions and other parameters in order to laser target the best product for sale on Amazon.
  • Go to the Amazon website and explore the products niches found with AmzScope Chrome.
  • Track your potential competitors by analyzing their sales, frequency of getting reviews, rating changes, as well as sales price changes and many other important indicators, in order to make the final decision on launching the selected product.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. One license is granted for use on only one computer. If you need to change your PC, just send us an email at and we will help you to reregister the extension
At the moment, the application only works on the market. European and other sites are under development
AmzScope Chrome works only on personal computers based on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Does not work on smartphones and tablets
No, applications are purchased separately, but can be used separately or in combination
At the moment, we track about 50,000 products a day, selected from different categories. By the end of the month, about 1.5 million points are produced. Each month, data is updated and increased. Based on these data, we build the prediction
AmzScope Chrome is distributed on the basis of a one-time payment. Paying one time, you get the license of our application on an unlimited basis and you can use it for an unlimited amount of time
Acceptance of consideration of applications for the return of funds ceases after 30 days from the date of purchase. If you have design ideas for the product and you want to inform us about this, please write to our support team at We are open to any suggestions for improving the performance of our applications