Find unobvious market niches with
high demand and low competition
Stop wasting time on manual
work and find profitable goods
quickly and easily
Make decisions based on
valid data, instead of intuition

AmzScope Chrome

The Google Chrome browser extension that displays
product data in a convenient summary table in your browser

Study the products and product niches from the Amazon page directly in the browser!
In one click you will see the number of sales, revenue, potential profit and other useful information in a convenient summary table
You no longer need to use the commission calculator on the Amazon website. The built-in profitability calculator will help you easily get all commission data and calculate the possible profit from the goods

AmzScope Scanner

A web application for Amazon sellers with the Amazon product database, which will make it easier
to find profitable goods using filters. You will also be able to track the actions of your competitors

Filter the goods by category, demand, quantity of sales per month, revenue per month, as well as ratings, dimensions and other indicators, in order to laser target the best products to sale on Amazon
Track your potential competitors by analyzing their sales, frequency of feedback, rating changes, as well as sales price changes and many other important indicators, in order to make the final decision on launching the selected product

What makes AmzScope the best application
for working on Amazon?

Regular updating of the database
Daily updating of the database and maintenance of up-to-date information will allow you to make the right decisions, avoid the typical mistakes and save your investment
Reasonable prices
We managed to maintain the perfect balance of quality and price. You can get an efficient and stable application at a reasonable price!
Timely customer support
We often get positive feedback about the work of our support team. We are ready to answer any questions that arise from you and help you in any situation
Free training course on the use of AmzScope Scanner
All AmzScope Scanner users receive a video user guide and product search strategies from AmzScope Scanner
More than 2,000+ satisfied users
Become a part of the AmzScope community and find only the profitable products on Amazon
Private Facebook group
Communication with customer support and with other users of the application has become even easier thanks to our Facebook group.

AmzScope applications - reliable helpers for finding
profitable products at a reasonable price!

AmzScope Chrome

  • Estimation of the number of sales and revenue per month
  • Own algorithm for data collection
  • Most accurate data
  • Built-in profitability calculator
  • Analysis of goods revenue per review - RPR
  • Ability to add favorite products to your favorites
  • Competitors' listings quality scores evaluation - LQS
  • All future updates
  • Timely technical support

AmzScope Scanner

  • Access to the Product Database
  • Access to the Product Tracker
  • Search and filters for all key metrics
  • Ability to track your competitors
  • Infinite ideas for new products
  • Find niches with high demand
  • Find niches with low competition
  • No installations - AmzScope Scanner is made as a website
  • Timely technical support
By using the app, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms of use

Frequently Asked Questions

No. One license is granted for use on only one computer. If you need to change your PC, just send us an email at and we will help you to reregister the extension
You can unsubscribe at any time in the personal area of the application: My account > Profile > Service Subscription > Cancel Subscription, or by contacting the customer support service by writing to
Both applications use general data to forecast sales, but they solve different problems.
AmzScope Scanner - catalog of Amazon products, made in a convenient format for analysis. Used as the basis for the generation of new commodity ideas. And a tracker that tracks goods by the number of sales, changes in prices, replenishment of a warehouse, etc., in order to understand competitors and the niche in more detail.
AmzScope Chrome - Chrome browser app. Used to quickly analyze the entire product niche from the Amazon page
The best results can be achieved using both applications
AmzScope Chrome works only on personal computers based on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Does not work on smartphones and tablets
AmzScope Scanner works on personal computers, smartphones and tablets
AmzScope Chrome is distributed on a one-time payment basis. Paying one time, you get the license for our application on an unlimited basis and you can use it for an unlimited amount of time.
AmzScope Scanner is distributed by subscription. Initial access is granted for a period of 1 to 12 months, depending on which tariff you choose. After the end of the paid period, the subscription is automatically renewed. Payment will be charged monthly in the amount of $39
No, applications are purchased separately, but can be used separately or in combination
Acceptance of consideration of applications for the return of funds ceases after 30 days from the date of purchase. If you have design ideas for the product and you want to inform us about this, please write to our support team at We are open to any suggestions for improving the performance of our applications
At the moment, the applications only work on the market. European and other sites are under development
Yes, it is possible to get the access with buttons above

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